Sanagan’s Meat Locker is a full-service butcher shop that specializes in quality meats, poultry, and foodstuffs sourced exclusively from Ontario family farms. Attentive, educated, and customized service are all part of our mission to become your favourite butcher shop in Toronto. We offer dry aged beef, heritage pork, air chilled chicken, Dorset lamb, game meats, and everything in between. Our chefs produce a full range of delicious take home meal options and prepared foods. Our charcutier follows European traditions and recipes, making us Toronto’s home for terrines, pâté, sausages, and other meaty treats. On top of all this, our service team is one of the friendliest and most respected in the city.

We go to the farms, talk to farmers, and make sure the animals are raised in a responsible manner. What that means to us is no antibiotic-inoculation, no growth hormones, lots of space for each animal to be raised in, and access to nutritious feed. Each animal is raised differently, based on the needs of the species, and each animal is cared for by skilled and passionate farmers who are overseen, inspected, and regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs. We want the best food for our family, so we go to the best farmers with the best practices raising the best animals.

Sanagan’s may be the best butcher shop in the city, period.



I love food. I have been working in the food business for twenty-five years, and in that time, I have been fortunate to work with amazing products from all around the world. Truffles from Italy, melons from France, shrimp from Spain; all delicious and unique. However, I truly believe that the best meat in the world is from animals raised right here in Ontario. Our dynamic climate, rich farmland, and acceptance of diverse farming techniques introduced by new Canadians allow us to produce animals that are strong, healthy, and flavourful. Our traditions in the meat industry have won us favour all over the world, and I am proud to be one small link in that chain.

In 2009, when I opened the shop, I thought it would be a great way of sharing my passion with the public. What I soon found out is that many other people feel the same way I do. Our farmers, our staff, and our customers all share the same values, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by likeminded people. Thanks to everyone who supports us day after day. You are all part of our story now.

Thanks to everyone,

I truly believe that the best meat in the world is from animals raised right here in Ontario.



Chief Operations Officer

Brian has been with Sanagan’s from the early days at the wee shop. Brian and I worked together at Mistura, before he got the travel bug and lived in Australia for a year. Upon his return, Brian worked up north in a restaurant in Port Elgin, getting to know a lot of the local producers and farmers along the shores of Lake Huron. He brought this knowledge back to Toronto, where he joined Sanagan’s as a butcher and has worked his way through all departments, up to Chief Operations Officer, and my right hand.

Brian has been an integral part of growing Sanagan’s. His naturally calm and patient demeanor has proven important as challenges and opportunities have arisen, and he is always focused on the highest quality product and service. He has also been a strong proponent of staff development, budgeting in benefits like health insurance, staff farm visits, and extended paid emergency days. As Sanagan’s continues to grow, Brian will be there, leading the charge.




The Renoufs and the Sanagans have a long history together. My dad worked for Claire’s grandfather back in the sixties. None of this was known to us, of course, when Claire came on board at Sanagan’s. She was one of, if not the first, new hires to work as a Meat Hawker when we expanded into the large store in Kensington. She has grown over the years to take the reigns of managing the customer service experience at Kensington. In the process, Claire has developed amazing relationships with our customers, has spent a ton of time on creating a staff retention program, and has created systems and procedures that have made our customer service interactions as seamless as possible. Claire has become a true leader with the company and embodies everything we stand for.




Jerry started with Sanagan’s in its first year at the large store in Kensington Market. He actually knew the space well, as he had worked at European Meats, the butchery that used to be at the same address. Jerry has worked for years as a butcher in Toronto, spending much of his time being trained by the Master Butchers at Di Liso’s Fine Meats in the St Lawrence Market. After a few years, Jerry earned his position as Head Butcher at Sanagan’s. He leads one of the most successful teams in Toronto, and is always striving to make Sanagan’s the premier destination for people looking for the best meat Ontario has to offer.




I have worked with many chefs over the last 24 years of my life. Anne is easily one of the most naturally skilled cooks I have had the pleasure to work with. She has brought ideas, techniques, and recipes to the table that ensure that every prepared meal, sauce, salad, and soup that a customer brings home will make their day that much better. Anne started as a sous-chef, but soon took over the leadership of the kitchen, and continues to maintain a standard of delicious excellence that her whole team facilitates with ease. Anne and her team are responsible for all of the prepared food sold at Sanagan’s, and as a frequent consumer of those products, I can say with confidence that it is some of the best food in the city.




Scott is another chef who turned to a life of butchery. He started with Sanagan’s as a cook before transitioning into the butchery department, and eventually his background in French cuisine sparked his passion for charcuterie. Over the last two years he has gone from making a couple of headcheeses to overseeing a charcuterie program that includes up to 35 items, including pâté en croûte, mousses, saucisson, and black pudding. We are very proud of Scott’s development, and happy to be one of the only butcher shops in Toronto that offers this variety of delicious, northern European-centric charcuterie.


Cole Howson


Cole has been with Sanagan’s for years now, having started in our Kensington Market location as a Meat Hawker. Cole is a true Toronto east-ender, spending his free time along the “Gerrones” strip, or expressing his creative side playing music in his project “Friend Season” (see link on his Instagram bio). Due to his excellence at customer service and his all-around gentle demeanor, Cole has recently taken on the mantle of manager. His desire to please customers has ingratiated him into the community, and I am so happy to have him representing the company and our values on the east side!